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During TRG Performance Training 1 on 1 sessions the focus is on YOU. All sessions are 60 minutes long and we will do our best to accommodate idea days/times that work within your schedule. 



TRG Performance will design an individualized workout program tailored toward YOUR fitness goals and needs, with the objective in mind of addressing your weakest link. Our trainers will carefully monitor your workout plans while creating an enthusiastic atmosphere allowing you to take your workouts to a whole new level. TRG Performance will provide you with a passionate environment/attitude towards making you the most prepared for your athletic competition or allowing you to feel your best when engaging in your favorite activities or hobbies. At TRG Performance our expert trainers will:

  • Motivate

  • Educate how to correctly and optimally perform movement with a proper function

  • Instill a healthy lifestyleconsistent workouts, confidence, injury prevention, and accountability

  • Provide you with a productive workout and some FUN! 


Single Session: $85.00

5 Sessions: $400.00 

10 Sessions: $750.00

20 Sessions: $1,400.00

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