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"Training with Tim got me ready to compete at the next level in Division 1 lacrosse. I was able to get stronger in critical areas and improve my speed, strength, and stamina." 

— Two-Time Captain: Hakeem Lecky,

Syracuse University, Jamaica National Team

"I always look forward to time at home because I know I'll be getting my work in with the best of the best in the area." 

—Cam Walsh,

Duxbury High School, Northeastern University

"Tim has played a vital role in my success as a competitive figure skater. He always knew when and how to push me to achieve optimal success on the ice. It is not easy to have power, strength, and flexibility while on a 1/4 inch of steel but Tim has helped me to showcase this effortlessly." 

—Dr. Madeline Wunder,

Simmons College

“Throughout my many years of training with Tim, I was able to grow so much as an athlete. My strength, speed, and agility took a dramatic leap. These improvements translated onto the ice and allowed me to succeed greatly during my collegiate hockey career."

— Martha Findley,

Duxbury High School,

St. Anselm College

“I began training with Tim prior to my  collegiate career. He developed am extensive summer-long workout program that helped bring my speed, stamina, and strength to the division 1 level. I don't think there is a better personal trainer on the South Shore or in all of Eastern Massachusetts”

— Captain: Matt O'Keefe,

Duxbury High School,

Johns Hopkins University

“The tools Tim provides in his personalized training sessions gave me the edge I needed to be a 4 year contributor at one of the nations premier lacrosse programs”

—Jay McDermott,

Duxbury High School,

Syracuse University

"Tim played a major role in my development as an athlete. He tailored workouts so that I was benefitting as an athlete and also for my specific position in my sport, which I found to be extremely unique." 

— Nick Marrocco,

Georgetown University,

Boston Cannons (MLL)

“TRG Performance Training helped me become a stronger and more confident athlete. Tim is very personable and is always there to motivate people.”

—Kellie Errasti,

Duxbury High School, Bryant University

“Working with Tim not only transformed my sport-specific strength and conditioning, but also created a foundation for life long fitness and nutrition that carried past my collegiate athletic career.” 

— Dan Findley,

Roxbury Latin School,

Bowdoin College

"I credit a lot of my athletic achievements and success to Tim. He took my weaknesses and specific sport into consideration when creating a customized workout plan. I was able to go above and beyond what I ever thought I was capable of and significantly improve my athletic performance."

— Lily Connolly,

Duxbury High School

Connecticut College

"I trained with Tim for several seasons during my key developmental years. The speed and strength I gained provided me both on and off the field confidence and a unique leg up against competition. While training with Tim i won 6 State Championships over 4 years and went on to play Division 1 Lacrosse. " 

—Max Randall,

Duxbury High School,

Dartmouth College

" Working with Tim was a necessity to my athletic success. He provided me with the best possible tools and resources to maximize my potential. " 

—Captain: James Burke,

Penn State University

Duxbury High School

"Training with TRG over the past 7 years has allowed me to achieve my ultimate athletic potential. From rehab, prehab, agility, and strength training, TRG helped me excel as a Division 1 athlete for 4 years." 

— Henry Buonagurio,

Duxbury High School,

University of Richmond

" For the last 5 years Tim has helped me immensely as an athlete. Every time I arrive to the gym he has an individualized workout plan ready to go. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help. " 

—Joe Brady,

Boston College High School

 Stonehill College

"Training with Tim was one of, if not the best decision of my athletic career. His expertise is is unparalleled and I could not ask for a better guy to work with."

— Cam Mullins,

Duxbury High School 

St. Lawrence University

"TRG performance is the perfect atmosphere to achieve your potential. The programs are made specific for every person and designed to bring out your competitive nature along with your willingness to succeed."

—Brian Brockwell,

Duxbury High School

Roger Williams University

"Tim worked tirelessly with me in the gym to challenge myself while improving my speed, agility, and overall strength. While teaching me the importance of injury prevention and taking care of my body."

— Keri Gould,

Duxbury High School 

Stonehill College

" Training with TRG Performance helped achieve my athletic goals with programs specialized to my needs while playing both hockey and currently collegiate lacrosse. " 

—Shawn Errasti,

Duxbury High School

Roger Williams University

" I really enjoy how Tim focuses on your specific sport and what muscles you need to make stronger in order to provide even strength. One of the best all around guys I have ever met. " 

—Cam Christenson,

Duxbury High School,

Bentley University

"The passion and time TRG Performance Training put into each one of my training sessions not only allowed me to grow stronger as an athlete, but also as an overall person."

—Will Scott,

Duxbury High School

Union College

"Whether it be with conditioning or lifting, Tim is always creating great, individualized workouts to maximize my performance as a Division 1 athlete." 

—Matt Sharpe,

Duxbury High School,

Fairfield University

"I have been training with Tim for the past 9 years and each year he helps me develop my skills and increase my strength and agility. Tim's personalized work outs and rehabilitation plans keep me healthy and in shape." 

—Riley Buonagurio,

Duxbury High School

Babson College

TRG JC testimonial.jpg

"I have been training with TRG since my sophomore year of High School, and Tim has helped me grow immensely over the years. His strength and agility training has prepared me greatly to be a collegiate athlete, and allows me to continue to grow each season."

-Jess Cully

Hanover High School,

Wheaton College

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